Painting at Cinequest film festival 2010
The story of DDEF
Michael Borja
 In 2010 I was asked to paint live for a week at San Jose’s Cinequest Film Festival. I was told to paint to that years festival theme, Mavericks. The words DREAM DARINGLY 
EXECUTE FEARLESSLY came to mind when thinking about what it takes to be a maverick and I painted those words onto my canvas. DDEF was born. It was something that kept catching on. In 2012 a good friend of mine, Mark, Asked to use the name to open a art gallery/after hours spot using this name and I agreed. It had its run for a year when the idea had run its course and the venue  was available. I decided to take on DDEF
Freddie Vega
 and the location as a working studio space with the help of 3 artists from Heart of Chaos; Miguel Machuca, Freddie Vega and Michael Denning. We spent 2 years in our Canery park location near Japan town and picked up a couple members along the way; Paul Dommert and Michael Borja. At the beginning of 2016 we moved to build our current location in Downtown San Jose within the walls of the Heritage Millworks warehouse and we continue to grow within our community. Current members and affiliations include; Patrick Hofmeister, Michael Borja, Freddie Vega, Miguel Machuca, Rene Castillo, Mathew Scicluna, Paul Dommert and  Sylvia De La Garza.
Miguel Machuca
Paul Dommert

Paul Dommert Jr. aka PaulieGone is a poet and writer, additionally a composer/remixer in tandem with Nos as the production duo, Modus Ops.
Mathew Scicluna
Rene Castillo
Patrick Hofmeister
Patrick Hofmeister aka WADL is a self taught surrealist painter from San Jose, Ca.