Photo by Darryl Badong Jr
What's up, my name is
Patrick Hofmeister
    I am a surrealist (for the most part). I've identified with many labels in the past when it comes to my work, sometimes misrepresenting myself. I really hate labels though because then you have a tendency to feel like you need to constrict yourself to fit those labels when you could really be what ever you want to be whenever you want to be that.

   I am a self taught artist. My background I would say comes from graffiti even though I wasn't very active in the scene. I was way more into MC Escher growing up but that didn't show up until later in my work. When I was 17 I started working at a clothing store that was hip hop/skater focused and was inspired to try my hand at graffiti. Due to poor life choices I found myself homeless at the age of 20 which led me to an opportunity to get my life on track. I referred myself to the Bill Wilson Center’s Transitional Housing Program where I lived for a year while learning life skills. While there the house monitor, now a good friend of mine, encouraged me to start painting by asking me “How will you ever learn if you don't start?” The BWC bought me my first easel and paint set for Christmas that year and I never looked back. I went through many artist styles but have always been in love with surrealism.

   I create because it’s all I'm driven to do; its compulsive. If I could have a passion to sing I would love to do that because nothing expresses what you want to say more than just saying it, so I create images to express myself the best I can instead. I can’t always find the words to say what I want to say so creating an image to look at and reflect on to better understand seems to be doing the trick.

   I work in many mediums but mainly in acrylic, spray paint and oil without any specific process. I've created spontaneously without any preconceived ideas. I've started 20 sketches and ideas to refine them down to the last detail before I even begin to paint. I've written poems that have helped me articulate what I'm trying to say when I get stuck or before I start. I don't even know how I'm going to start the damn process until I start doing something.

   What’s integral to my work as an artist is for the piece to be genuine in the reason I'm creating it. I’ve learned I can't just do something because I'm getting paid to do it. I have to connect to the work and see myself in it or it will look forced.

   I believe an artist's roll in society is to be as honest as possible in their work, zero fucks given and then put that shit out there.

   My work has changed over time from being heavily graffiti influenced, only doing patterns, painting abstract color, shapes and compositional theories to surrealism with a bunch of random shit in-between.

   The themes I pursue in my work are that of being “human”. I mean what does it mean to be human anyway? I believe its taking the good in with the bad. Lets face it, as a human race we fall short and we rise above at the same time. It’s a balancing act. Im no enlightened visionary artist, I have issues, you know what I mean? We all do and thats my point! I like to look my issues in the eye. I like to see what occupies my thoughts and say “Hmmm. thats disturbing, lets explore that”

My artistic out look on life has been summed up into four words. DREAM DARINGLY, EXECUTE FEARLESSLY. 

I’m inspired by my wife, friends, family and by my daughter that was born in November of 2016. I mean, holy shit, I have a kid! Life inspires me.  All the crushing hardships and all the overwhelming joys; its what molds us, breaks us and picks us up off our asses.

Professionally, my goals are to be working on more murals world wide, to continue pushing what I am capable of technically/thematically and to continue to make as many mistakes as it takes to cut threw to my most authentic self as an artist.